Rare breed pigs

Oxford Sandy & Blacks

Oxford Sandy & Blacks or “OSB’s” as we fondly call them, are a traditional rare breed of pigs that almost went extinct twenty years ago. Luckily, rare breed farms have saved the breed and they are now increasing in popularity. Our Oxford Sandy & Blacks have lovely temperaments and are extremely outgoing, inquisitive pigs. They make excellent mothers and are simply beautiful creatures to look at. Perhaps, unfortunately for them, the meat from OSB’s is intensely flavoursome and much less fatty than other traditional breeds.


Hampshires are an impressive and much larger breed of pig (they certainly look enormous when compared to the Kune Kunes!) They are characterised by their erect ears, black bodies and a whitish pink band that completely covers their front legs. The Hampshire pig originates from Wessex and is often cross bred with other rare breed pigs due to its reputation for producing lean meat. Our Hampshire boar is worthy of special mention – a fearsome yet handsome looking beast, he has (when he has eaten) a wonderful friendly temperament and likes nothing better than to wander over for a chat.

Kune Kunes

Kune Kunes are small rare breed pigs originating from New Zealand. They are the smallest domestic pig breed in the world and are born in a wide variety of colours.

Kune kunes are extremely loving animals and thrive on a diet almost wholly made up of foraged grass. Due to their friendly temperament and love of human company, they make great pets. Really! Our own Kune Kunes will (literally) roll over at any opportunity in the hope of having their bellies scratched! Sadly for the Kune Kunes (and for us, as parting is never easy), they do also make delicious sausages. Their meat has a delicate sweet flavour, which is further complemented by the additional organic ingredients in our special Belmont sausages.

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