Below are a few of our most common questions from our partners and wider community, to help answer any queries you may have.

FAQ 01

What’s the difference between Belmont Estate and Watercress Farm?

Belmont Estate is home to Belmont House, the Carriage House, historic parkland and our regenerative farm. Watercress Farm is our rewilding project across the road where our nature-education programme is held.


FAQ 02

Are you a charity?

Belmont is not a charity. Belmont is a for-profit business, with a belief that our sustainable, financial model is the best way for us to have the greatest impact possible. By demonstrating how doing good is also good for business, we hope to act as a blueprint to inspire other organisations to do the same.

With the support of our partners we have the privilege and opportunity to break new ground, demonstrating new ways of working, signposting financially productive nature recovery and community positive land management and business models that can light the way for others to follow. Whilst we are not a charity, the revenue we generate goes directly to the nature recovery and community and conservation projects we feel so passionate about.

FAQ 03

Are you a country estate?

Belmont is a country estate, but an estate redefined and reimagined. We are now a regenerative farm with a ground-breaking rewilding and rewetting project alongside a nature-based education programme.


FAQ 04

Are you open to the public?

Belmont is a private estate and is not open to public access. However, if you are or would like to become a corporate partner, then you will be able to access the estate for private meetings, events and experiences.

However, Belmont’s accompanying rewilding project, Watercress Farm, which is located across the road is criss-crossed with public footpaths and is home to our education programme and guided walks and talks.

FAQ 05

How do I travel to and visit Belmont?

Belmont is situated between Wraxall, Failand and Long Ashton, and is about 10-15 minutes from Bristol. The easiest way to travel to Belmont is by car or taxi using our direct address. The nearest train station to Belmont is Nailsea & Backwell which is approximately an 8-minute drive away. The X9 bus from Bristol Bus Station to Nailsea travels past Belmont with the nearest bus stop to the estate being Belmont Hill in Flax Bourton.


FAQ 06

Do you offer events and experiences at Belmont?

The events and experiences we run at Belmont are predominantly for our partners. However, some seasonal events such as Walled Garden Concerts and Picnics are open to the general public and promoted via our website and social channels. If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner, then please do get in touch.

At Watercress Farm we offer a range of walks, talks and experiences for the general public and for private groups.


FAQ 07

How can I book a nature-education session? And where are these held?

Our education sessions are available to book via our website, which are held at Watercress Farm (BS48 1NE) set within our rewilding project. Our nature-education sessions are not held at Belmont Estate. Our programme is free of charge and available to people of all ages.


FAQ 08

What is the nature-education programme?

Set within our rewilding project at Watercress Farm, our nature education programme offers children and young people a unique insight into the natural world, with a particular focus on connection, health and wellbeing. Our programme is a living classroom for pre-schoolers, university students and everyone in between to learn about nature, within nature and for the benefit of nature.

FAQ 09

Can I book a wedding?

We do not host weddings at Belmont Estate or Watercress Farm.

FAQ 10

Where is the rewilding project?

Our rewilding and rewetting projects are across the road from Belmont at Watercress Farm (BS48 1NE).

FAQ 11

How do you sell BNG units?

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an approach to development that aims to leave the natural environment in a measurably better state than before. Through our rewilding project, we are generating BNG units that enable developers to meet their planning obligations by delivering a 10% net gain of biodiversity.


FAQ 12

How do I become a corporate partner?

We welcome any individual or business looking to support nature recovery in the UK who shares our values and vision. If you would like to enquire about a Belmont partnership, then please do email


FAQ 13

Do you have a farm shop?

Yes, we do have an online farm shop where we sell produce reared on the estate. All our meat is organic and free-range. We also sell partner products on our online shop and on occasions, provide discount codes to our partners.

FAQ 14

Where can I buy meat from the estate?

You can purchase free-range, organic meat from animals reared on the estate via the online farm shop.

FAQ 15

How will my meat arrive?

Any purchase made through our farm shop will be delivered to you by FedEx. All meat will be delivered to you frozen. Delivery is free on all orders of £75 and above. For any orders below £75, then an additional £8.99 will be added to cover delivery. Collections can be arranged if preferred. Please email or call 0117 970 6335.

FAQ 16

Do you sell logs and charcoal?

We do sell Belmont charcoal that is made in our own kilns on the estate from the by-products of our sensitive woodland management. This is available via the online farm shop. Unfortunately, we no longer sell firewood. As we only sell the wood that arises from our woodland management, we have a limited supply and we are currently sold out. However, we are slowly building up stock for seasoning but this process takes time to do sustainably. Look out for updates on our website and social media.

FAQ 17

What’s the relationship between Belmont and Tyntesfield?

Belmont and Tyntesfield have a long history, having once been joined 130 years ago. The two estates are now separate entities with Tyntesfield being owned by the National Trust.



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