Corporate – Open the box

Leave behind the confines of the everyday. Come together and reconnect in a new environment both physically and mentally.

Disrupt, then construct, build, grow, inspire, create, produce and bond.

Rooms for meeting and eating

Disrupt the everyday culture of the office in a relaxing, inspirational setting. Creativity, productivity and ideas flow freely when the confines of daily routine and environment are removed. Our rooms are fully equipped with:

  • Projector / LED TV
  • Surround sound
  • Wi-Fi

Unique outdoor venues

Whether it be in ancient native woodland, historic parkland, wildflower meadow or renovated historic buildings, Belmont provides several inspiring outdoor spaces to reconnect with nature, self and each other, surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Inspirational experiences

We offer a range of experiences to help your team step outside of your world and immerse themselves in ours.

  • Foraging
  • Fire building
  • Charcoal making
  • Butchery
  • Yoga

Passionate food

With food at the heart of everything that we do, we take pride in serving delicious dishes using homegrown heritage vegetables from our wonderful walled garden, wild edibles from our woodlands, rare breed meat from our hand-reared animals and locally-sourced seasonal ingredients from other organic farms in our community.

Our head chef, Darren Broom, loves preparing astounding dishes for an incredibly unique and intimate dining experience, both in our beautiful double-height dining room and outdoors, over fire for a forest feast.