Reconnection is at the heart of our mission and vision. Through all our projects, we provide opportunities for communities to connect with nature and each other.


Reconnecting with nature not only helps people feel closer to our natural world, but it also improves livelihoods and boosts wellbeing.

Part of the vision for environmental recovery is to reintroduce ‘humans’ as an integral part of the productive natural landscapes we have restored. We do this through volunteering days, guided walks, community eating and outdoor shared experiences.


To share food is to truly connect. Shared dining experiences offer valuable opportunities to slow down and have real, meaningful conversations.

Collecting fresh and organic produce, learning new skills and sitting around a dining table are all opportunities for connections to be made. At Belmont, we host volunteering, community and corporate dining experiences, plus offer our spaces to others who want to benefit from communal eating outdoors.


At Belmont, we are constantly working towards a more climate-positive and biodiverse future. It is collaborating with local organisations and members of our local community to inspire positive change that gives us hope.

We work with several charities, NGO’s and local community groups on events, experiences and campaigns to help those with limited access to our natural world reap the benefits of nature, food and connection.


We believe that being outdoors in nature is people and planet’s biggest healer. That’s because the more time people spend in nature, understand it, reconnect with it, the more they will be inspired to protect it.

We do this by inviting others to access nature through outdoor wild experiences, volunteering days and guided walks and talks all outside.

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We are privileged to have two distinct volunteer groups that support us within our rewilding project at Belmont; our wildlife volunteers and local community volunteers.


Wildlife conservation is vital to nature’s recovery and our passionate volunteers help us in our goal to increase local biodiversity and tackle climate breakdown.

We have created a volunteer programme in partnership with an ecological consultancy to monitor species at our rewilding and rewetting project. The programme runs regularly throughout the year and surveying species groups range from botany, bats, birds, invertebrates, moths and flies to mammals.


Our local volunteering programme is open to members of the community to support us on our rewilding project. It’s an opportunity to support our conservation efforts whilst connecting with like-minded members of the community.

The volunteering role is varied and will be dependent on the time of year and the jobs available. These range from planting or pruning trees, litter picking or supporting the estate team with general tidying of project areas. We look to host approximately 3-4 large volunteer group sessions a year.

“It has been a real pleasure to contribute as a volunteer to this exciting project to increase local biodiversity. I have been undertaking the bird surveys with Bristol Ornithological Club and it has been a delight to see the increasing numbers of nationally declining birds such as Yellowhammer and Skylark.”

Rob, Wildlife Volunteer

“Volunteering has been so fulfilling and uplifting, to be even a little involved in something that feels like it is immersed in giving back to nature and the community. Joining in the volunteer groups is great fun, we dug and planted trees and got stuck into the jobs at hand with friendly, like-minded people. I can’t wait to go back!”

Melanie, Community Volunteer

“It is great to be a part of the surveying team at Watercress Farm, contributing to the valuable species surveys being carried out as part of the rewilding project. The work being done is a progressive approach to conservation, letting nature take care of itself.”

John, Wildlife Volunteer

“The rewilding project at Watercress Farm has been an exciting and welcome development on our doorstep. Many of us have had the pleasure of walking through the farm, seeing the obvious changes that have taken place over the past couple of years. We look forward to seeing this inspiring project grow over the next few years.”

Patricia, Community Volunteer

“It has been a really enjoyable year & many thanks for the access to the rewilding project. We are looking forward to building on the results & seeing what they may tell us about the site so far.”

Paul, Wildlife Volunteer



Species of invertebrates recorded in the rewilding project


Species of moths, butterflies and dragonflies recorded in the rewilding project


Volunteers engaging in our rewilding project


Species of bird recorded in the rewilding project


Animal and plant species recorded within our rewilding project


Volunteer sessions held so far


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