When we eat together, we thrive together

When we eat together, we thrive together

Eating together as a team is important to us at Belmont. We believe that food is a natural connector and that byBelmont Team Eating Together Outdoors Corporate Lunch Away Day enjoying meals together we deepen our connection with ourselves and those around us.   We find that eating together once a week helps us to informally share what we are working on as we move through the seasons. Our team are a friendly and joyful bunch, but due to the diverse nature of our roles, we would otherwise rarely find ourselves altogether at the same time.

On an average day half of our team are outdoors, looking after our several hundred acres of heritage woodland and regenerative farmland; whilst the other half can be found delivering corporate events, running forest forays, beavering away behind computer screens, or demonstrating culinary creativity in the kitchen. Although the jobs we do vary so much from one and other, they are all intrinsically linked. So, when we come together, we always have plenty to chat about!

Our lunches are relaxed and there is no agenda. They offer us a very valuable opportunity to slow down and truly savour our food, converse organically with our colleagues, and appreciate the stunning surroundings where we work.  As a result, we then resume our afternoon projects with a renewed sense of belonging and greater productivity.

Here at Belmont we love to share. We would like to invite you to come on over, warm yourself by our fire and discover what we are all about. We want to share our food with you and introduce you to the special programme of experiences that we have to offer. We are excited to open the doors to our charming CarriaBelmont Chef Darren Broom Cooking Outdoors Fire Woodland Foragingge House next month, so that you can join us for supper, meet some of our team and connect with us in person.

While the weather is still fairly cold outside, Darren, our in-house chef has been experimenting with some sumptuous winter warmers including: roasted squash from our magical walled garden, served with wild garlic capers foraged from the forest and our own home made heritage green tomato ketchup, and roasted cauliflower with English quinoa, hazelnut tahini and handpicked rainbow chard.

These delicious dishes will appear as options at our first Supper Club on Saturday 8th February, along with magnificent meat and dairy delicacies. On the menu you will also find a Jerusalem artichoke with black kale and parsnip gratin, plus ethically reared Belmont Oxford Sandy and Black pork served with fermented black apple jus. Click here to find out more and make a booking.

We look forward to connecting with you soon

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