Calm community focus

Calm community focus

We hope this finds you well amidst the current changes that COVID-19 is having on all of our lives. Our hearts go out to all those in struggle and experiencing loss.

Time to reflect, adapt & be compassionate
BluebellOne of the gifts that this otherwise uncertain time has given us is that of reflection. Our team, here at Belmont, has been adapting behind the scenes modern-day to different ways of working and exploring where we can make the greatest positive contribution towards creating a more positive future.

We have noticed that there are many acts of compassion, care and kindness taking place all around us when we look to our communities, both locally and globally. This has filled us with hope and inspiration that as a result of this collective experience, together we might begin to place genuine care for nature and for each other at the heart of everything that we do.

Connecting with nature, self & others
We love to learn from nature. Our rewilding endeavours with the land, pastures and woodlands of the Estate teach us daily about the importance of connection. The reason we are so keen to create ways for others to connect with nature also, is because we recognise that so many of us have been operating as if we are somehow separate from it.

Simply being in nature helps us to deepen our connection with self, because we are in essence part of nature too. When we connect more with ourselves, we find we can more authentically connect with others. As we care more for the environment, plants, animals, air and water, we ultimately care for ourselves.

We believe that just like the trees on our Estate, which are dependent on the communities of fungus and the other trees around them for their optimal growth and flourishing, we as humans also need support networks around us.

This is being demonstrated in this current time period, perhaps more than ever in our lives before, as neighbour turns to neighbour to offer help.

As nature shows signs of recovery, so can we
Right now, although our economies may be going through a period of instability, nature is showing us the power we have within us to reconnect, rebuild and reawaken. Here at Belmont, we have felt very inspired by the wonderful stories of nature’s recovery due to the reduction of road, air and sea traffic. It has been rumoured that birdsong can be heard in places like Wuhan, where it had long been drowned out by traffic noise and that dolphins and swans have been exploring the canals of Venice, where the waters are usually too polluted for them.

Nature is showing us the ability we have within to recover.

If we work together with nature, then perhaps it might be possible for us all to reframe our current challenges as an opportunity to rebalance and rewild the world?

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