The Belmont Estate Overview

Belmont is a Grade II* listed private Somerset country estate comprising an ancient woodland, historic park and gardens and a variety of properties.


Located less than ten minutes from Bristol’s famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, we sit in the beautiful countryside of North Somerset, right next to the National Trust’s Tyntesfield. Enjoying stunning views over the Bristol Channel, the serenity of Belmont has to be experienced first-hand to be truly understood.

The Journey

The reinvention of the Belmont Estate is not a single event, but a lifestyle journey. The journey shares the calm, simple, elegant and natural beauty of an English country estate through its produce, food and events. Along with shared experiences and friendships the ultimate destination is the preservation of the ongoing viability of a heritage estate. 

Although the development of the buildings is an ongoing project, we are a country estate with an evolving variety of things you can buy and do.

The History

Belmont’s and Tyntesfield history, are inextricably intertwined. For over a century until 2001 they were one and the same estate and their residents have long been part of Bristol’s merchant heritage.

Belmont’s current owners are no exception. Part of Bristol life for almost 200 years, they have, since 2012, re-assembled the land and buildings from what had become a fragmented and independently owned diverse collection. Now a single luxury country estate again, Belmont is as it would have been when the Gibbs family visited and from which they built it into The Tyntesfield Estate.

Today, the focus is about completing the renovation of the original buildings while investing to build Belmont into a modern, working estate, which can be shared with others as it starts to generate its own income to sustain itself for many years to come.

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