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In a world in which we are increasingly distant, Belmont is about being closer.

A beautiful Georgian estate in the North Somerset countryside yet just a stone’s throw from Bristol, Belmont provides an opportunity to get closer.

Closer to nature,

closer to one another,

closer to the things that matter

Closeness helps us experience the delicate balance of nature and the fragility of our environment.

A step closer to nature is a step nearer to understanding the world in which we live.

Closeness gives us a better understanding of family, friends and colleagues, connecting us with our food, its provenance and its taste. Nourishing mind, body and soul.

Our belief in these values is why we reinvest our income back into education and conservation programmes.

Belmont is a place to be wild, to be yourself, to be inspired…

or just to BE

BE inspired

Flexible and unique spaces, sensitive heritage conservation and significant ecological restoration

Historic Carriage House

Restored and reborn as a versatile space to meet, eat and learn, our Georgian Carriage House sits at the heart of Belmont, on the edge of the woodland and next to the Walled Garden. Outside, the courtyard and terrace offer the opportunity to get closer to nature without your wellies.

Event and dining spaces

Within our Carriage House you will find elegant, versatile spaces for meetings, events, fine dining and community eating, all around tables crafted from our own woodland.

Meeting spaces

Within our Carriage House you will find elegant, versatile spaces for meetings, events, fine dining and community eating, all around tables crafted from our own woodland.


With 15-foot stone walls and sweeping panoramic views, our 18th Century Walled Garden forms a striking terraced amphitheatre. A stunning space accommodating up to 1,000 guests for music, theatre, events or gatherings.


At the foot of the terraced amphitheatre sits our organic kitchen garden providing delicious seasonal, organic produce all year round.


Misleadingly named, this restored heritage horticultural building now hosts our artisan butchery and charcuterie experiences using our own organic estate reared and dry aged produce.


Sensitively and sustainably managed, influenced by early English Landscape Gardening and crisscrossed with miles of tracks and rides, cut over 250 years ago.


Surrounded by woodland and bird song, overlooking Belmont Coombe this secluded pavilion is a serene and peaceful place to be with nature, to restore, reconnect or just BE.


Extensive, regenerative, free range and organic, our cattle and sheep mature slowly on flower rich pastures, while our pigs rootle through our heritage woodland. A key part of a complex natural ecosystem benefitting soil, insects, birds, small mammals and flowers.


Replanted in 2020 and home to carefully selected local, organic apple, plum, and cherry trees set within a wildflower meadow, the orchard benefits our local wildlife while the fruit of our labour inspires our chefs and nourishes our guests.

Be Wild

Reconnect with nature and one another through our wild experiences

Woodland Foraging

Artisanal butchery


over fire

Yoga and mindfulness

Charcoal making

Curing and smoking

Bushcraft Experiences

Cookery courses


Our business model is an ecosystem in itself. The income from our corporate partnerships and core activities funds not only our nationally important conservation but our inspirational education programme

Inspirational and accessible nature-based education

Our mission is to bring about environmental and ecological restoration on a local and national scale. We’re building connections with the wider community, local schools and colleges to provide inspirational opportunities to get closer to nature, creating truly accessible educational resources and programmes for those without opportunity to get there alone.

Crucial conservation and biodiversity projects

We are passionate about restoring biodiversity, tackling climate change and demonstrating a new way of managing our land. Rewilding, rewetting and practising regenerative farming, we protect and encourage indigenous wildlife in danger of local and national extinction.

Ecosystem services for business

Through our innovative corporate partnerships and offsetting opportunities, businesses can be proud to be a crucial part of a nationally important environmental project, generating credible, ethical, quantifiable and inspirational ecosystem services.  Driving carbon sequestration, biodiversity restoration, flood mitigation and improving water and air quality while supporting local communities and providing inspirational nature-based education for the less fortunate.

“A rare opportunity to be part of something truly significant, Belmont is a place to see value differently and to appreciate food, nature and each other”

Be with us

Corporate Partnership opportunities

We believe in partnerships built on mutual, symbiotic gains. Our corporate partners enjoy the facilities at Belmont to reconnect, inspire and reward their teams through a range of unique activities in beautiful surroundings.


Inspirational and educational – be it artisan butchery, woodland yoga, cooking over fire or one of many other opportunities to have fun and reconnect. We will work with you to create bespoke experiences to get closer to the things that matter.

School and Community Activities

Our goal at Belmont is to reconnect schools and the community to nature through a genuinely accessible nature-based education programme that communicates the importance of harmony with our surroundings.

Book Experiences

Inspirational and educational ways to have fun and reconnect with nature and each other.

Buy Products

Sustainable and organic meat, firewood and charcoal from the estate.

Ecosystem Services

Invest in a range of credible, ethical and quantified ecosystem services. Carbon to biodiversity.